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The Azores

Santa Maria
Sao Miguel
Sao Jorge

The Atlantic's best kept secret!! The Hawaii of the Atlantic!!

Far beyond the horizon, where the Atlantic touches the sky and the world seems to slow its pace, lie the islands of the Azores.  Scattered like magical ships across 400 miles of ocean and untouched by mass tourism, they are the perfect destination for travelers who want to know the true meaning of the phrase "Getting away from it all".

To the east lie the islands of Santa Maria and Sao Miguel, home of the capital, Ponta Delgada.  With hot thermal springs, volcanic lakes, steaming geysers and deep verdant valleys, Sao Miguel sometimes seems like a lost world, while its sister island offer gentler, more tranquil lanscapes.

The five islands that make up the central group are Sao Jorge, Graciosa, Terciera, Faial, and Pico; this is where whale lovers maker their pilgrimage to watch theses magnificent animals breaching and spy hopping in the deep ocean.  But the delights don't stop with whales - the island of Pico shares its name with the majestic volcanic peak that rises above 2,350m above a lava-strewn landscape, whilt the forests, hills, and stone-walled fields of Terciera offer more scenic delights.  Faial has an altogether more cosmopolitan flavor, with a superb yachting marina and harbour.

Futher west lie Flores and Corvo.  Remote and wild, theres islands were once  the haunt of pirates and buccaneers.  They now offer modern adventurers the chance to enjoy some of the most beautiful walking imaginable.  Corvo is particularly blissful - the island's single policeman often has little more to do than warn sleeping dogs not to get in the way of one of the island's two taxis.

Landscape of Azores
The nine islands of the Azores are each endowed with their own special landscapes and charm. Each is enveloped in shades of green patures, flowers, phenomenal volcanoes, breath taking lakes located at the bottom of craters and other mysterious caves and carverns. Pico (in the background of this picture) has its own spectacular mountain which is a sight to see. Visiting the Azores means entering a world where nature's beauty is on show the presence of man is a distant memory as you are swept away into a a heavenly paradise.

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Lanscapes of Azores!

Santa Maria Light House

Looking at Pico from Faial

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